Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas: Series Spotlight

Why I love it: 

The characters and their personalities impressed me the most throughout the first two books of the series. From Celaena to Princess Nehemia, every single character is interesting. The multiple points of view aids the development of the characters and their individual stories, which merge together to create a very magical and unique reading experience. I also really love that this series has such a strong female character. She's feisty, strong, and hilarious. How can you not love her? In case you are not sold yet, the twists and turns in this series are insane! Crown of Midnight took me on a ridiculous roller-coaster of emotions. Unlike Throne of GlassCrown of Midnight's plot is not predictable at all and it keeps you interested until the very end. 

What I didn't like about it:

I had some issues with the first book in the series. It took me over a month to read, which is insane! Even though I enjoyed it a lot, I had a hard time with it. I felt like the story was lacking a little bit and it was a tiny bit predictable. I expected a lot more action--considering the whole kickass-assassin-in-a-competition-to-be-the-top-assasin angle--but it wasn't there for me in the first book. However, Crown of Midnight gave me everything I wanted from the first book and more. 

Final Verdict: 

This is an excellent series so far. It is an action-packed novel with an insanely strong female main character, and vivid storytelling. I can't ask for anything better. There is a whole lot of room for development since this is a seven book series (A SEVEN BOOK YA FANTASY SERIES, SOMEONE HOLD ME). I cannot wait until the third book comes out. I'm so excited about it that I already pre-ordered my copy (let's ignore the fact that it comes out in September). Not to mention that a series with a hardcover copy of its novellas is a winner in my book. 
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