Monday, June 10, 2013

The Elite (The Selection #2) by Kiera Cass

323 pages
Published: April 23rd, 2013 
Published by: HarperTeen

At the end of the first book of The Selection series, Prince Maxon chose his top six contenders (refer to as "the elite") to the title of princess of Illea. This is where The Elite picks up. If you haven't read the first book of the series, America Singer is the protagonist and one of the last six girls fighting for Prince Maxon. Even though this book might be classified as "dystopian," it is really difficult for me to see it as such when the books do not put a lot of emphasis on the world around the characters. The series is more focused on "The Bachelor" aspect of the story. Even though the series are more of a "fun read" than anything else, The Elite left me more than unimpressed.

Unfortunately for fans of the first book, The Elite does not make a lot of progress in the right direction. I feel like breaking this story in three parts might have been a mistake. In all honesty, this story could have been told in one book. I say this simply because nothing important happened in The Elite. The entire book was focused on the love triangle between Prince Maxon, America, and Aspen. While we got a taste of this in the first book, the second book focused ENTIRELY on America's indecision. The one moment that "changed" everything for America and made her doubt her feelings toward Prince Maxon wasn't enough for me. It didn't explain her dramatic change of heart nor did it excuse her behavior. Even though I didn't love America in the first book, she was unbearable in this one.

I am not a fan of giving bad reviews but this book left me so frustrated. I'll be reading the last one just to know what happens but I won't be dying of curiosity until it comes out.

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