Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Doctor Who meets Roger Hargreaves!

If you know me you know that my love for Doctor Who is out of this world (get it? GET IT?) so when I first heard about these books, made in the incredible Roger Hargreaves style of Little Miss (who doesn't love Little Miss?) and Mr. Men, I had to have them. Just look at them:

Aren't they precious? 

These are not only an adorable addition to my (very large) Doctor Who collection but they are also a perfect way to celebrate the new season of the show. And these are such a great way to introduce the little ones to the best TV show ever. To tell you the truth, I cannot wait until my nephew is old enough to have these because I fully intend on making him a Whovian. I do have to get him his own copies because there's no way I'm parting with mine. 

These cuties are out TODAY! So go pick up one of each! 

*I received a finished copy of each book through PRHPartner. Thank you, Penguin!* 
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