Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Reads - Contemporaries!

Nothing screams summer like a good Contemporary novel. I've compiled a list of the ones that I would like to read this summer!

Summary: Three girls, three revenge fantasies. I'm assuming they get together and shit hits the fan.  
Why I want to read it: I've only read one book by Jenny Han. This is not acceptable. People keep talking about this series and it sounds like a very dramatic, summer-friendly read. I'm expecting a fun, quick novel so I have to read it! 

Summary: Three sisters (what's up with the number three?!) find out that their long-lost father is a billionaire. Luxury, secrets, and drama probably take place after this revelation. 
Why I want to read it: I've been wanting to start this series for a while! And I get a strong summer vibe from this one. It takes place in Las Vegas so I'm expecting quite a bit of fun.

Summary: Mental illness and a road trip. That's all I know about this one and I really want to read it without knowing too much about it. 
Why I want to read it: I've heard excellent things about this book. Everyone I know (and trust) loves it so I'm sure this one will be a favorite. There's something about road trips that make me think of summer so I can't wait to embark on this journey. 

Summary: David and Kelsey are best friends...until something happens (uhhhh) that makes Kelsey move away to escape the aftermath. Then, David comes back into her life and hopefully a lot of romance/drama/etc happens.  
Why I want to read it: BFF stories are a summer staple. Also,  I really want to know what happens between David and Kelsey. Can you blame me?! 

Summary: Rebecca Porter ends up living down the hall from Prince Nicholas. You know what happens next. 
Why I want to read it: Fellow reviewers describe this as "William and Kate Fanfic." That's enough for me. 

Summary: Fourteen-year-old Audrey suffers from anxiety disorder. I'm assuming this book is about her road to recovery and it probably includes some sort of romance. 
Why I want to read it: Finding Audrey is Sophie Kinsella's first YA novel. That makes it a must-read. Also, I suffer from anxiety so I'm curious about this story and how it handles this issue. 

Which books are you reading this summer? 
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