Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Hello Kitty Baking Book!

The Hello Kitty Baking Book: Recipes for Cookies, Cupcakes, and More
by Michele Chen Chock
96 pages
Published September 16th 2014 by Quirk Books
Source: Publisher
Rating: A million red bows

Quirk Books was looking for bloggers to review this adorable baking book and I couldn't stop myself from volunteering.  I love baking almost as much as I love reading so I'm always looking for delicious and challenging recipes. This lovely book is a dream come true. The recipes are intricate and interesting, the photography is gorgeous, and the tips located at the beginning of the book are incredibly useful. It also contains templates and some of the cutest ideas I've ever seen. How awesome does that sound? 
Anyway, I had to try one of the recipes. Originally, I wanted to make macarons because I'm the unofficial macaron queen (not really) but I decided against it. After spending months--seriously, MONTHS---looking for heart-shaped sprinkles, February came around.  Now that heart-shaped sprinkles were abundant, I decided to try the meringue cookies. I must say that it is SUPER important to have all of the equipment before you try to make these cookies. By that I mean you should own a thermometer, a piping bag, and the tips required for this recipe. It'll make your life a lot easier, I promise. Overall, these were pretty successful. I must say that I'm a bit annoyed that they are not smoother but that's just me being picky. "Meringue cookies" sound super easy but they were a huge pain to make hahaha. However, everyone loved them! They were delicious and the consistency was incredible. I can't wait to try the rest of the recipes! 

Now, the next challenge is to conquer something from Hello Kitty Crochet. This might take a while.
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